Privacy Statement Ockto

Ockto appreciates and kindly thanks you for your interest in its products and services, for visiting and using our websites, and for using our app. Your privacy is one of our key concerns and we want you to feel comfortable using our services. We take due care and pay special attention to the protection of your privacy when processing your personal data during our operational processes. All personal data collected when people visit our websites are processed in compliance with the statutory regulations prevailing in the Netherlands.

The use of Ockto, the Ockto app and your personal data

When a third-party organisation offers you the option to use Ockto and the Ockto app, the organisation (hereafter called the Provider) can send your IP address to the Ockto app from their own website or from the Ockto Connect website. When this is done, your IP address will only be used to synchronise the session on this website with the session in the Ockto app. After closing the Ockto app, Ockto deletes all data – including your IP address.

You use the Ockto app to collect personal data and information and forward them via an automated method to the Provider with whom you are in contact. We only disclose the collected details to the Provider after your explicit consent. The Provider receiving the personal data is only allowed to use your data for the purpose for which it was collected and for which you have given your consent.

During a session, Ockto collects information about how the session progresses. Should any irregularities or issues arise, we can use the acquired information to analyse and solve the respective irregularities or issues. This is all done to improve the user experience and to secure and protect (your details in) the app.

When applicable, you compile information that is accessible via MijnOverheid. Your MijnOverheid environment also includes the personal data of your children, parents, and (ex-)partners. Ockto kindly refers you to the privacy statement and the frequently asked questions page on the MijnOverheid website for more information about this content and the way details are processed. Ockto has no influence on the personal data and information processed by MijnOverheid. Ockto is aware of the fact that data and information can refer to third parties and will ignore this whenever possible.

Ockto uses the data you collect to prepare a Data Model in which we enter all information and details as requested by the Provider. We only use the information that is needed. Apart from that, the Provider may also use what is known as source data. This means that the Provider requests your data in the format as it is provided by the consulted sources. It is possible that the Provider requesting this source data ultimately receives more information than what is included in the Data Model. Ockto always reminds the Provider to take the required and responsible actions to only use the data that is necessary for their processing activities.

During the time between collecting your personal data via the Ockto app and the moment this data is forwarded to the Provider, Ockto will store your personal data. After Ockto has sent the personal data to the Provider and the transaction has been completed, the personal data is immediately deleted. Your personal data will also be deleted when you don’t give permission to Ockto to forward your personal data to the Provider or when you withdraw your consent.

If your Provider uses Ockto Connect and the Ockto Connect website, Ockto will retain your personal data (encrypted) either until your Provider collects and removes your personal data from our system or until no later than 14 days after your personal data has been retrieved.

If you use Ockto to collect information to get advice about a mortgage or to submit a mortgage application to an advisor, we ask you to store your information temporarily (encrypted). Mortgage lenders who are asked by your adviser to make a quotation are  then able to collect your personal data directly from Ockto or via the secured Mortgage Data Network (HDN). This method is time saving for you, your adviser and the mortgage lenders. This processing of your personal data is subject to the Privacy Statement/Privacy Statement of the Provider that receives your (personal) data via Ockto or collects it from Ockto. You can consult the Privacy Statement/Privacy Statement on the Provider’s website itself.

Your personal data when collecting bank transactions (PSD2)

In addition to the above, Ockto may collect and transfer bank transaction information to the Provider with your consent. Your bank transactions may contain sensitive information that may reveal race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. Ockto ignores such indications. By collecting your bank transactions, Ockto has access to the name and IBAN of third parties, which are visible in the transaction overview by means of debits or credits. Ockto only passes on this data to the Provider after you have given your explicit consent.

If you collect bank transactions via Ockto and wish to pass them on to the Provider, Ockto is legally obliged to verify your identity and to ensure that your name does not appear on the sanctions and PEP lists. This information is anonymized by Ockto and stored for a period of five years.

Use of the Ockto public website

When you visit the Ockto website our web server automatically records the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you are visiting us, the web pages you are currently visiting and the date and duration of your visit. Ockto uses cookies to track our visitors’ preferences and optimize our websites accordingly.

You can send us personal data via the Ockto website, which we treat as follows:

  1. When you fill in and send a contact form via our website, we only use the personal data entered by you for the purpose of handling and follow up on your message;
  2. When you respond to a vacancy via our website, we only use the personal data you provide for the purpose of responding to and follow up on your application;

Submissions to events, e-books, whitepapers, etc.

When you provide your personal data to, for example, request an e-book or whitepaper, to register for an (online) event or to be kept informed of developments concerning Ockto, you give Ockto permission to store and process your personal data. Your personal data will be used to process your application or registration and to send additional relevant information. You can unsubscribe from this at any time. This applies to submissions via the Ockto website, as well as submissions to Ockto via third-party websites.


Ockto has taken technical and organizational security measures to protect the data we have at our disposal against accidental or willful manipulation, loss, destruction and against access by unauthorized persons. Our security procedures are constantly being improved by the introduction of new technologies.

Third parties with whom we co-operate are obliged by us to respect your privacy. We conclude a processing agreement with these third parties.

Your rights

In principle, you have a number of rights based on legislation when it comes to your personal data. Ockto only stores the personal data known to us for a short period of time and has no access to it itself. This means that a number of rights do not apply to Ockto. You can exercise these rights with the Provider that has you collect your data.


Right to access

Ockto has no access to the personal data, stores it only for a minimal period of time and therefore cannot provide access to the personal data other than the moment when you collect your data. You can, however, request data from the Ockto process via the Provider using an external ID. This allows process data (not personal data) to be retrieved.


Right to rectification

Ockto retrieves data from source systems. You cannot change this data at or via Ockto. You can contact the source systems themselves for this.


Right to erasure

As long as Ockto has your personal data, you can delete it via the Ockto app by withdrawing your consent.


Right to restriction of processing

You choose whether or not you want to send the collected data by logging in to the various data sources. It is not possible to send only parts of the collected data.


Right to data portability

This right does not apply to Ockto. Ockto does not store your data longer than necessary for the transaction of the service provider. Ockto cannot view the personal data.


Right to object

You can object to the Processing of your personal data by Ockto with the Provider or make this known by not using Ockto.


Rights relate to automated indiviudal decision-making

This right does not apply to Ockto. The Provider makes decisions based on the personal data you provide via Ockto.


You can exercise your rights by sending an email to Ockto. You can use the following e-mail address for this: If your message relates to any of your rights that apply to the Provider, we will inform the Provider.


Data Protection Officer

Ockto appointed a Data Protection Officer (in Dutch: Functionaris Gegevensbescherming). A DPO monitors compliance with privacy legislation. You can contact the DPO regarding questions about the processing of your personal data via



Ockto b.v., located at Gooimeer 1, 1411 DC in Naarden, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.


Contact details:

Gooimeer 1
1411 DC  Naarden


This privacy statement was last changed on December 13, 2023.