General terms and conditions


The use of the websites and services (including Ockto Connect and the Ockto app) of Ockto B.V. (hereafter called: Ockto) is subject to the General Terms and Conditions and restrictions listed below. When users access and use the Ockto websites and/or the Ockto app, it is assumed that they have read and accepted both these Terms and Conditions and the restrictions. If you choose not to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, then please do not visit the websites or make use the Ockto app.

The term ‘sites’ used in these General Terms and Conditions refers to ‘the Ockto websites including the Ockto Connect website and the Ockto app’.

Basic conditions

We retain the right to refuse any person access to the sites at any time and for any reason.


Even though Ockto takes due care in the maintenance of its sites, we cannot rule out the possibility that information described, forwarded, or offered is incomplete or incorrect. Ockto explicitly rejects any liability for damages that may be caused by access to the sites and/or the use of the sites and/or the information given on the Ockto sites or by third parties connected with or linked to these sites. This also includes the completeness and correctness of the information and data obtained and forwarded via the Ockto app. The information provided on or by the sites is intended as general information and is not exhaustive or intended as advice. Ockto, including its management and employees, can never be held liable for the information and/or recommendations published on the sites or to which the sites give access. The information and recommendations can be changed without prior notification. No rights may be derived from the disclosed information. Ockto is in no way responsible or liable for the consequences incurred by activities that are undertaken based on the information given on the sites. Ockto can also not be held liable for the electronic communication, or its failure, via the sites.

No guarantees

Ockto provides these sites and their content on an “as-is”, “as-available” and “including-all-defects” basis. The content of the sites is compiled with the greatest care. However, no guarantee or statement is either explicitly or tacitly given with regard to the reasonableness, correctness, or completeness of the information as published on the sites or to which the sites give access. Ockto can never be held liable for any damages or consequences when the sites for whatever reason and at whatever moment cannot be used (without disruptions). The sites can be temporarily or definitively disabled without prior notification. Ockto cannot guarantee that the sites are free of viruses or other similar disruptive elements or causes. The above exclusions relating to Ockto also apply to all third-party personnel hired or commissioned by Ockto.

Third parties

The sites can include links to (mobile) third-party applications, websites, or functionalities. Ockto refrains from checking third-party web services or other content. As the user, you explicitly acknowledge and accept that Ockto can never be held responsible or liable for such third-party services or functionalities or for data provided by such third-party services or functionalities. Therefore, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy statement of these third parties.

You can use the options provided by the sites to link to third-party services, such as a local Institute for Employee Insurances or the Tax Authorities at your own discretion and risk, after which these sites may wish to interact with you, connect with or contact you, or exchange information based on the profile you created for the applications. By using such applications, you acknowledge and accept the following conditions: (i) by using an application to share your personal data, you agree that the information from the application is shared with the sites; (ii) the use of an application may result in the disclosure of personal, identifiable data even when Ockto does not have or provide such information; and (iii) the use of an application is always at the discretion and risk of the user and you indemnify Ockto against any consequences arising from the use of the applications.

Intellectual Property Rights

Ockto hereby grants you a non-transferable user right/licence to use the sites. Ockto holds the intellectual property rights or licences relating to the content on the sites. All information, including texts, photos, illustrations, graphical material, (trade) names, logos, brand names of goods and services are owned by or licensed to Ockto and protected by copyrights, trademark rights, and/or any other intellectual property right. The (intellectual) property rights will never transfer to (legal) entities or persons with access to the site in any way. The user of the sites takes full responsibility for using the sites at their own discretion. As such, using the content provided on the site is entirely at the user’s own risk. These sites are intended for personal use and users are forbidden to multiply, alter, remove, forward, distribute, publish, or sell the content to third parties without Ockto’s explicit and written consent.

Changes in the General Terms and Conditions

Ockto reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions when this is deemed necessary and publish the altered document accordingly (“Updated Terms and Conditions”). Unless changes must be implemented for legal or administrative reasons, we will always take a reasonable notification period into account before the Updated Terms and Conditions become effective. As the user, you agree to be notified about the Updated Terms and Conditions via the publication of this updated document via our sites and that the use of our sites (or by any reasonable action as determined by Ockto) means that you accept the Updated Terms and Conditions from the day that they have become effective. Consequently, we kindly request that you read these General Terms and Conditions and any Updated Terms and Conditions before visiting and/or using the sites.