Ockto: safe, compliant and ethical Personal Data Management

Ockto is advocating Personal Data Management on a European scale.  We support our clients, consumers and data issuers in safe, compliant and ethical management of personal data.

Purchases and contracts nowadays

Online purchasing is becoming more and more common, also when it comes to matters such as financial products. Consumers expect this to be quick, cheap and efficient. But often a lot of time and effort goes into collecting, supplying and validating personal data whilst this information is digitally available from official bodies.

That should be much easier and simpler. That’s why Ockto is here.

Digitalizing business models

We give data verifiers (such as financial service providers) the means to securely receive reliable and relevant personal data of (potential) clients in a cost-efficient manner. This way, service providers can radically digitalize their business model.

Easy, fast and secure distribution of personal data

To these (potential) clients, Ockto offers a safe and easy to use app to securely use and distribute personal data to companies they want to do business with.

License and regulators

We value data security; it is of great importance to us. Retrieved data is always encrypted and can only be viewed by the receiving party.

Ockto fully complies with all applicable local and European legislation. We are a registered company with a license from the Dutch financial markets authority (AFM) and a PSD2 license issued by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

The Ockto app is GDPR compliant, registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) and the Ockto platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

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