Ockto’s core values

At Ockto, we are pioneers, driven by growth, we are trustworthy and go positive! These are the core values that shape and guide us. It is our identity and the common thread in what we do and the way we work (together) on a daily base. We are committed in upholding these values.

We are pioneers 

We started the data-sharing industry in the Netherlands and lead by example. We strive to push boundaries to create future opportunities using our technical and business acumen. We want to keep providing the best data sharing platform in the Netherlands by leveraging our authority and strong position in the market. By embracing challenges and explore new frontiers we’ll stay ahead.

Driven by growth 

At Ockto, we want to increase our impact and grow with measurable results. These are measured in improved customer processes that impact the bottom line - creating shared success. We're ambitious, fueled by entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Our customer focus to have shared success is our compass and drives our partnerships. We feel passionate about growth, extending our impact and shared success with clients and partners. Every Ocktonian has their own share in this and takes ownership.

Be trustworthy 

We keep our promises and are an ethical, transparent, and trustworthy partner for all our stakeholders. We understand we work with very private personal information for us privacy and security are at the heart of everything we do. We are transparent about timelines, priorities, and issues internally and with clients and regularly evaluate our trustworthiness internally and with clients.

Go positive 

We believe in an open and kind workplace that encourages diverse viewpoints. We believe in cultivating an atmosphere where colleagues feel safe to share, reflect, and learn. Our commitment is to foster continuous growth through respectful dialogue and understanding. By embracing varied perspectives, we create a dynamic space that promotes collaboration, innovation and a touch of fun. Every individual is encouraged to contribute authentically, knowing that their unique insights are essential to our collective success.