Ockto’s core values

At Ockto, we value Innovative, Impact, Quality, Responsibility and Fun. These are the core values that shape and guide us. It is our identity and the common thread in what we do and the way we work (together) on a daily base. We are committed in upholding these values.  


We are innovation. We are the first company of our like. We are pioneering how to shape this type of service and continue improvement. Creativity is the soil for our innovation, and we create conditions where creativity is possible.  We avoid cumbersome, bureaucratic structures that suppress creativity.  


At Ockto we want to make an impact. Getting results and winning excites us, but not at any cost. People are more important than numbers. We want to win in the long run, not the short.   

We want to see Ockto and its impact growing. A year from now we want Ockto to be better, faster, stronger. Everyone has their own share in this. We have passion for our work and this fills us with pride. 


We value quality and reliability. We work hard to guarantee this. We strive to be a trusted partner for our clients, users, partners and leads. On all fronts. We realize that every innovation at a certain stage will encounter some boredom to get to a qualitative and reliable level. In order to push through it we need to embrace it, not avoid.  


We have a responsibility towards our customers and the users of our app. They trust us in letting us handle some of their most personal data and we are not letting them down. We take this responsibility with full confidence. We feel not only a legal but also ethical importance to give substance to this in good faith.  


We believe that work should be enjoyable. Whether it’s doing our designated work or having fun together. Humor is never far away.